10 Day, healing Yoga Retreat in the unspoiled beauty & rolling hills of
Locanda Cugnanello, Tuscany Italy.

with Pixie Kastrup & Rebekha Wolf

September 18th to 28th, 2018


We are heading to Italy for Autumn Equinox

We have created a healing retreat for you to find balance and ease at the mental, emotional, physical and soul levels of your being. Join us for 10 days of whole body healing in the idyllic peaceful country side of Tuscany, Italy. Gathering purposefully during the week of Autumn Equinox and the Harvest Full Moon, our retreat will focus on cultivating an elevated state of Balance through these transitions. Autumn can be a challenging transition, as we go from Pitta (Fire) to Vata (Air) quite quickly. This retreat offers a magical space to expand your essence and understanding of Living Yoga. This is an All-Levels retreat, no experience in any of the modalities necessary.

We will dive into the ancient principles of Ayurveda, the healing principles of Peak Harmonic Living, an ancient indigenous practice and Yoga. You will learn how these ancient practices compliment each other and how to incorporate their principles and tools into your daily living. Gathered amidst 800 yr old olive orchards and vineyards, at the historical estate of Locanda Cugnanello we will explore movement, mindfulness, meditation, satsang, sacred fire ceremony and purposeful nourishment. A place where new stories, habits and practices begin and friendships, lifetime bonds and memories are made.

We will spend our 10 days, inspiring curiosity, creativity and connection. Inviting more balance, harmony and love into the body and investigating how to allow the tools, practices & experiences to be embodied within our Selves so we may embrace an abundant harvest.